Sweet Bakeries, Savory Bakeries, Cake Bakeries: What Bakeries Make Defines What Type They Are

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In France, a boulangerie is strictly a bread making bakery. A patisserie is a bakery that makes sweets, such as cakes and cookies. Oddly enough, the tradition of separating types of bakeries transferred to the U.S., and today we have multiple types of bakeries too. While not all bakeries specialize so specifically, some bakeries are defined by the culture that their food originates from, like Champion Bakery Inc., while others are simply defined by the more specific type of baked good they provide. 

Bread Bakery

Much like France, bread bakeries in the U.S. produce mostly breads. Sweet-flavored breads, white bread, wheat bread, whole grain bread, and even ethnic breads like cholla and pita are found in these bakeries. In addition to breads, these bakeries make buns, rolls, and pastry breads like croissants. They may produce some cookies from time to time, too, in case you want to pick up your breads and a sweet treat for yourself from the same location.

Cookie Bakery

Cookies, cookies and more cookies; these bakeries specialize in all kinds of cookies for all kinds of events and different tastes. Made from scratch every day, most of the cookies made are sold out by the end of the day. If you need cookies for a party or just want a dozen fresh triple chocolate walnut cookies for yourself, this is where you go to get perfect cookies.

Bagel Bakery

Most people do not think of bagels as a bakery food, but they are. No self-respecting Jewish bakery goes without bagels! Plain bagels, savory bagels (e.g., pizza bagels, onion bagels, "everything" bagels, etc.) and even sweet bagels (e.g., chocolate chip, cinnamon raisin, honey nut, etc.) are made and loaded into baskets before being put on display in glass cases. Many of these bagel bakeries also make their own flavors of cream cheese to accompany the many flavors of bagels.

Cake Bakery

You have probably watched the cable TV shows where master cake bakers build these amazing and mouth-watering cakes. Step inside a cake bakery and all you will see are miles of cupcakes, sheet cakes, and ornate party cakes for sale. They also take special occasion orders for unique cakes.

Small Pastries Bakery

A bakery that specializes in small pastries does donuts of all kinds from all countries. You may also find dessert bars, tarts, and other tasty little morsels in a small pastries bakery. Usually, people visit this type of shop for a weekend breakfast treat, or for pastries for a special occasion. However, it is nearly impossible to pass by a bakery of this sort and not want to wander in to stare at the tempting treats!